Product Focus: Tree and Brush Cleanup

Product Focus: Tree and Brush Cleanup

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BAM! Bad Ass Mats safety mats

Avoid costly damage to your job sites with BAM! Bad Ass Mats. The mats are made from four-season, durable high-vis green HMWPE material with a built-in UV protector to guard against fading and cracking. Three-eighths inches thick and rated at 160,000 pounds with pressure ratings of 373 pounds per square inch, and 53,700 pounds per square foot, they have a temperature rating of minus 103 degrees F to 258 degrees F. The 4-by-8-foot sheets weigh 56 pounds and come with eight large hand holes for easy handling, even with gloves. A dual-sided tread pattern provides safe traction for both equipment and pedestrians. Mats don’t absorb moisture and chemicals and can be simply hosed off. 262-877-4700;

RNV Hydrovac2

The RNV Hydrovac2 can be placed on an RNV-approved 6-cubic-foot steel construction-grade wheelbarrow to create a portable hydrovac. It can vacuum down vertically to 12 feet to convey effluent sludge, sand and small aggregate. It can be combined with a pressure washer or air spade for another excavation solution. The unit weighs 42 pounds, requires a 120-volt-AC, 15-amp power outlet and will run on a 2,200-watt generator or inverter. 607-786-2139;


John Deere 470 P-Tier Excavator

John Deere’s 470 P-Tier Excavator, which is equipped to support sand and sludge removal, offers both standard and long arm options to suit different operational needs. It boasts enhanced adaptability across various applications. Its grade-control technology capabilities include factory-installed 2D or 3D Grade Guidance, or SmartGrade options. These grade control features ensure precise excavation, enabling accurate completion of tasks on the first try, which is crucial for high-precision projects and timesaving. It includes a reinforced bucket-to-arm pivot joint and a sturdy mainframe, ensuring reliability in demanding conditions. Additionally, this excavator provides various track shoe width options, which are essential for improved flotation in soft or marshy terrains, helping to boost stability and mobility. The combination of arm versatility, precision-grade control capabilities and adaptable track shoe options makes it an efficient, multifaceted tool for diverse and challenging excavation tasks and job sites. 800-503-3373;

Volvo Construction Equipment EWR130E

The Volvo Construction Equipment EWR130E mid-sized wheeled excavator provides a short front and rear swing radius without compromising on lifting performance or digging force, according to Volvo. The rear swing is 5 feet 1 inch and a front swing of 5 feet 11 inches. Coupled with new four-wheel steering and in-line outrigger options, the machine is easy to control and stable, Volvo reports. Its uses include urban jobs where frequent roading is required, and confined job sites or roads where traffic safety is paramount. The inline outriggers help position and stabilize the machine in tight spaces. A divided blade option provides additional leveling on uneven ground or around curbs. The standard two-piece boom enables lifting up to 9,480 pounds at a 19.7-foot reach. 828-650-2000;

Yanmar Compact Equipment ViO80-7

The 18,122-pound ViO80-7 mini-excavator from Yanmar Compact Equipment offers 18% more power over its predecessor with its new 67 hp Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine. It provides operators with increased attachment performance with 20% more PTO flow rate. It achieves a maximum dig depth of 14.25 feet, and includes signature zero tail-swing allowing the excavator to rotate next to a structure with less risk of hitting it. Improved engine output and hydraulics allow for more productivity and greater attachment performance. Those same improvements also allow for a 15% increase in work speed, 13% lower fuel consumption rate and 25% increase in travel speed on slope. A 2-Pump Load Sensing (2PLS) hydraulic system increases pump flow rate under high loads to direct power where it’s needed to improve performance. 800-205-9913;


Diamond Mowers Miller Stump Grinder

An indispensable tool for individuals involved in disaster cleanup and prevention, a stump grinder is essential for removing stumps after trees have been broken, burnt or carried away by strong winds, fire or flooding. Diamond Mowers’ Miller Stump Grinder allows operators to cut stumps up to 36 inches in diameter without ever moving the carrier. The 26-inch, six-way grinding wheel features swing, lift and telescoping functions that allow users to process a stump while the loader is parked in one position, reducing the risk of soil or turf damage, as well as 30 dual-direction carbide teeth that slice through the toughest material. An ideal solution for arborists or where aesthetics are a significant consideration, this option also features a chain guard that helps protect the grinder and operator from flying debris, along with a push blade that fills in holes created while clearing stumps below ground level. 605-977-3300;


Digga Attachments Grapple Rake

The Grapple Rake from Digga Attachments has an aggressive tine design that allows for gripping and moving material with security and ease. Being 42 inches wide and having a 36-inch grapple opening, this attachment is efficient in moving anything from logs to concrete. It is best suited for mini stand-on loaders and micro skid-steer loaders. With a bolt-on mount, one has the capability to conveniently utilize the attachment on various machines. Quickly and easily tie down the attachment using a number of dedicated cutouts on the side of the grapple. Two pulling points allow you to shackle chains to the front of the grapple to pull out posts and stumps. Additionally, it is equipped with 1-inch greasable pivot pins and cylinders. it has powerful 2-by-6-inch grapple cylinders. 563-875-7915;

Mazio Attachments T8 Series

The T8 Series mulcher head attachment from Mazio Attachments is suitable for cutting and shredding grass, shrubs and branches up to 6 inches. It includes an identical mechanically adjustable front inlet and rear outlet for better and faster operation in both directions. A reinforced double-case frame helps prevent deformations due to extreme loads. It has height-adjustable skids, a belt drive, standard flow and a pressure regulation valve. 561-766 0899;


Mecalac North America AX1000

The AX1000 articulated loader from Mecalac North America combines heavy-duty performance with self-stabilizing maneuverability and a sleek design. Its monoboom provides greater boom rigidity and strength, resisting the twisting that can occur with the traditional two-arm setup. Combining large, tinted windows with the unique monoboom design, it eliminates the two loader arms obstructing the operator’s view and allows clear visibility to the left and right in addition to straight ahead. Along with enhanced safety, this visibility boosts productivity. It also offers greater stability because the machine’s pivot joint is offset at a positive angle. As the machine articulates, the center of gravity is transferred to the rear so it can re-level itself, greatly reducing the risk of the machine toppling over. It has a standard bucket volume of 1.3 cubic yards plus a 75 hp engine. It has a lift capacity of 9,038 pounds and maintains lifting power from the ground to its highest point. 508-921-3076;

Takeuchi TL6R

The TL6R compact track loader from Takeuchi has a radial lift loader design that provides greater mid-height reach, bucket breakout and lift arm forces. With a height of 6 feet 5.8 inches and a width of just over 5 feet, it excels on job sites with height and width restrictions. This track loader comes with a newly designed cabin with an overhead 5.7-inch color multi-informational display and backlit rocker switches that control a variety of machine functions. It comes standard with a quiet track design with flotation pads that reduces vibration and noise level while improving ride quality. Its all-steel construction increases the machine’s strength and rigidity while protecting vital engine and hydraulic components. Double- and triple-flange track rollers maintain at least two points of contact at all times, making it less susceptible to de-tracking. 706-693-3600;


CASE Construction Equipment SV280B

Featuring 360-degree cab visibility, exceptional bucket breakout force, efficient engine torque and “Hydraulics on Demand” adjustable flow for demanding attachments, the 8,090-pound SV280B from CASE Construction Equipment offers a rated operating capacity of 2,800 pounds, 232 ft-lbs of engine torque, a bucket breakout force of up to 8,680 pounds, and both standard and optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulics for power and attachment versatility. It has an EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) setup menu with nine adjustable speed and control sensitivity settings. CASE Ride Control and two-speed ground drive improves material retention and operator comfort. 866-542-2736;



Mattracks rubber track conversion systems are ideal when there is a need for mobility in disastrous situations - from winter storms to wildfires and other natural disasters. A wide range of tracks are available to fit tens of thousands of vehicles from ATVs and UTVs to SUVs and pickup trucks to heavy-duty trucks, industrial and specialized vehicles. A hub-mounted design makes it easy to convert tires-to-tracks in less than one hour. The 400 Series is ideal for commercial vehicles weighing up to 40,000 pounds. The 400M1A1 model in the photo features a 20-inch front track and a 30-inch rear track. Designed to support heavy loads, the tracks feature a rubber torsion anti-torque system, steering assist and rocker suspension. As a result, operators benefit dependability and durability as well as a smoother ride. 218-683-9800;


Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Telescoping Pole Saw

The M18 FUEL Telescoping Pole Saw from Milwaukee Tool is designed to meet the performance, durability and ergonomic needs of the professional arborist, power utility lineman and landscape maintenance professional. The saw’s POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 2.3 hp peak power. M18 FUEL technology allows the saw to reach its full throttle 25 m/s chain speed in under 1 second, delivering the fastest cutting in its class. This saw is optimized for use with M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT batteries. With a professionally demanded feature set, including a rigid, easy-to-adjust telescoping shaft, lightweight magnesium cutting head, robust branch hook, cutting sight line, captured bar nut, compact design for easy storage and transport, easy access chain tensioner, automatic oiler and onboard scrench storage, this saw is fully compatible with 250-plus solutions on the M18™ system. 800-729-3878;

LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool 

In post-disaster environments, where tree cleanup is a critical step for restoring normalcy, the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool shines with its multi-use functionality and portability. This tool integrates a log/branch hauler, a 21- and 40-inch cant hook and timberjack into one multipurpose tool. Its ergonomic design significantly minimizes bending while lifting and bucking logs, thereby reducing strain on the body, minimizing fatigue and enhancing safety. Its lightweight, compact and modular design makes it easily transportable inside a 30-inch CarryOX gear bag, ideal for rapid deployment across varied cleanup sites. Its robust steel construction ensures durability in the toughest conditions, offering a reliable chain saw companion for teams tasked with clearing after natural disasters. 877-695-6469;


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