Product Focus: Sand/Sludge Removal

Product Focus: Sand/Sludge Removal

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Equipment Attachment

Pressure Lift HydraBore

The HydraBore equipment attachment from Pressure Lift fits on the end of any vacuum hose for a simple, more cost-effective approach to hydroexcavation. It breaks up soil, removing it quickly and easily to reduce labor requirements to a one-person operator, keeping every project extra clean and improving safety. This tool reduces the downtime of an operator changing clothes when finished and requires fewer workers by using the tool for its other benefits of pumping deeper and faster. It can also be used in concert with smaller vacuum equipment to gain maximum benefits while capitalizing on project expenses. 866-504-6596;


John Deere 470 P-Tier Excavator

John Deere’s 470 P-Tier Excavator, which is equipped to support in sand and sludge removal, offers both standard and long-arm options to suit different operational needs. It boasts enhanced adaptability across various applications. Its grade control technology capabilities include factory-installed 2D or 3D Grade Guidance, or SmartGrade options. These grade control features ensure precise excavation, enabling accurate completion of tasks on the first try, which is crucial for high-precision projects and timesaving. It includes a reinforced bucket-to-arm pivot joint and a sturdy mainframe, ensuring reliability in demanding conditions. Additionally, this excavator provides various track shoe width options, which are essential for improved flotation in soft or marshy terrains, helping to boost stability and mobility. The combination of arm versatility, precision-grade control capabilities and adaptable track shoe options makes it an efficient, multifaceted tool for diverse and challenging excavation tasks and job sites. 800-503-3373;

Komatsu PC130LC-11 

Komatsu’s upgraded PC130LC-11 includes a longer undercarriage design that increases lifting capacity by up to 20%. This durable, reliable and productive 97.2 hp small conventional tail swing excavator is easily transportable and offers a combination of lightweight power and agility in a small package. It uses up to 12% less fuel than the previous model. Fuel consumption can also be reduced with the auto idle shutdown feature that can be set to automatically stop the engine after a preset amount of idle time. The diesel oxidation catalyst helps reduce particulate matter by using passive regeneration over 98% of the time. It offers fast cycle times, seamless multifunction motions, exacting bucket movements and exceptional lifting capabilities. High hydraulic pressures help optimize high arm and bucket digging forces. For long-term durability, steel castings in the boom foot, boom nose and arm tip help spread working loads away from high-stress areas. 847-437-5800;

Hose Reels

Hannay Reels VAC Series

The VAC Series from Hannay Reels is a heavy-duty, single-wrap reel specifically engineered to store large-diameter vacuum and suction hose up to 4 inches. With a narrow footprint, this storage reel can be mounted alongside the tank or between the cab and tank, providing access from either side of the vehicle. Available in either manual or power rewind, this reel provides effortless and fast unwind and rewind operation of the hose while preventing kinks and damage from constant dragging. 877-467-3357;


Mecalac North America AX1000

The AX1000 articulated loader from Mecalac North America combines heavy-duty performance with self-stabilizing maneuverability and a sleek design. Its monoboom provides greater boom rigidity and strength, resisting the twisting that can occur with the traditional two-arm setup. Combining large, tinted windows with the unique monoboom design, it eliminates the two loader arms obstructing the operator’s view and allows clear visibility to the left and right in addition to straight ahead. Along with enhanced safety, this visibility boosts productivity. It also offers greater stability because the machine’s pivot joint is offset at a positive angle. As the machine articulates, the center of gravity is transferred to the rear so it can re-level itself, greatly reducing the risk of the machine toppling over. It has a standard bucket volume of 1.3 cubic yards plus a 75 hp engine. It has a lift capacity of 9,038 pounds and maintains lifting power from the ground to its highest point. 508-921-3076;

Takeuchi TL6R

The TL6R compact track loader from Takeuchi has a radial lift loader design that provides greater mid-height reach, bucket breakout and lift arm forces. With a height of 6 feet 5.8 inches and a width of just over 5 feet, it excels on job sites with height and width restrictions. This track loader comes with a newly designed cabin with an overhead 5.7-inch color multi-informational display and backlit rocker switches that control a variety of machine functions. It comes standard with a quiet track design with flotation pads that reduces vibration and noise level while improving ride quality. Its all-steel construction increases the machine’s strength and rigidity while protecting vital engine and hydraulic components. Double- and triple-flange track rollers maintain at least two points of contact at all times, making it less susceptible to de-tracking. 706-693-3600;


Presvac Systems PV750

The Presvac Systems PV750 rotary vane pump is designed for continuous full-vacuum operation in extreme conditions. It offers 400 cfm at free air, 350 cfm at 15 inches Hg, a maximum vacuum of 27 inches Hg and maximum pressure of 35 psi. Dual fans and twin ballast ports are designed to efficiently cool the pump. The solid housing with deep cooling ribs allows greater heat transfer from the vacuum chamber. Aluminum fans and shrouding work like a heat exchanger. Multiple manifold and drive options are available for truck, trailer or stationary applications. 800-387-7763;

Skid Steers

CASE Construction Equipment SV280B

Featuring 360-degree cab visibility, exceptional bucket breakout force, efficient engine torque and “Hydraulics on Demand” adjustable flow for demanding attachments, the 8,090-pound SV280B from CASE Construction Equipment offers a rated operating capacity of 2,800 pounds, 232 foot-pounds of engine torque, a bucket breakout force of up to 8,680 pounds, and both standard and optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulics for power and attachment versatility. It has an EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) setup menu with nine adjustable speed and control sensitivity settings. CASE Ride Control and two-speed ground drive improves material retention and operator comfort. 866-542-2736;

Ditch Witch SK3000 

Contractors looking to gain a 360-degree view of the job site, without compromising power, can turn to the Ditch Witch SK3000. The full-size stand-on skid- steer is built with the power to complete a wide range of projects typically reserved for traditional skid-steers, but with the convenience of a stand-on machine. It has an operating capacity of 3,100 pounds, and delivers 5,500 pounds of breakout force to help operators lift and move heavy loads while directing up to 51 hp to the attachment. it provides a smooth, comfortable ride with outstanding maneuverability and stability – even when transporting heavy loads across rough terrain. 580-336-4402;

Sludge Dewatering/Presses

Park Process GritCat

The GritCat from Park Process is a dewatering container designed to process waste streams containing gritty, sandy solids or any type of nondeformable type of solids. Its filter media is permanently installed over porous support panels in the container and is reusable and cleanable. There are a variety of different types of filter media available, including stainless steel wire mesh, polyester woven material, nylon mesh and polypropylene monofilament. Applications are numerous in the industrial, municipal and oilfield markets because it is simple to operate and maintain, according to the maker. Units are built as roll-off containers, self-dumping hoppers or front loaders. 855-511-7275;

Pik Rite self-contained roll-off unit

Pik Rite self-contained roll-off units are fully operational at the pumping site without a chassis. The heavy-duty front platform holds the user’s choice of pump and a Kohler 25 hp electric-start engine. The tank is set up with a level indicator, rear-sight eyes, 36-inch top opening, 20-inch rear opening, 3-inch intake with an internal 3-inch standpipe, and a 4-inch discharge. The low-profile, 12-inch primary shut-off is paired with a 10-gallon secondary shut-off. Spray-on protective liner protects hoses and promotes durability. Work lights and a safety beacon are mounted on the rear tank head, and a ladder is mounted on the side. Polished aluminum hose trays and custom paint finish are standard. Other customizable options are available. 800-326-9763;

Spill Control Equipment/Products/Services

Hydra-Flex Aqua-Rocket

The Aqua-Rocket from Hydra-Flex is a disaster relief tool designed to take on nearly any cleaning challenge. This industrial cleaning nozzle uses powerful force to take on dirt, grime, and debris cleaning challenges. It is built with a highly durable tungsten carbide tip and can start or stop in any direction. It’s made with a high-temperature, drop-resistant cover that can withstand harsh environments and provides a longer lifespan than ceramic nozzles. It blasts a concentrated, 0-degree water stream with either a 22- or 24-degree cone-shaped, rotating spray pattern. It is available in two pressure ranges — 1,500 to 5,600 and 750 to 3,600 psi — to be compatible with more equipment. It was designed to be repairable to extend the nozzle’s life. 952-808-3640;


Brute Portable CART Jetters from JETTERS NORTHWEST provide trailer-sized power on four wheels for easy portability. Available at either 9 gpm/4,000 psi (CART-4009) or 12 gpm/3,000 psi (CART-3012), these jetters have the power to clear sand and sludge blockages and can effectively run popular root/grease nozzles. They also can easily be converted to a mountable skid and can easily be connected to a larger water tank. Fuel-injected engines provide “choke-free” electric-starting and work with an optional wireless remote control, which controls jetting on/off and engine on/throttle/off. They have handy panel-mounted controls, 300 feet of jetting hose (400 feet optional) on a 12-volt power-reel (a hand-crank reel is optional), adjustable pulsation control and four jetting nozzles. Propane-fueled engines and more options/upgrades are available. 877-901-1936;

Vacuum Hoses

Kuriyama of America Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER

Corrugated Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER industrial sewer vacuum hose from Kuriyama of America is made with a 1/4-inch-thick red gum rubber tube designed for wet or dry applications where severe abrasion is a factor. The corrugated black conductive styrene-butadiene/natural rubber blend cover provides abrasion resistance. The hose can be grounded. All sizes are rated to full vacuum and a pounds-per-square-inch safety factor of 3-to-1 for most sizes. The hose remains flexible in temperatures from -40 to 212 degrees F. It is available with soft-cuffed ends for easy installation and clamping. 847-755-0360;

Vacuum Trucks/Trailers

GapVax HV-57

The GapVax HV-57 air mover is designed for cleaning up spills and processing waste. It uses a combination of vacuum and air flow to convey material. It is designed for wet or dry filtration; moving debris through specially designed cyclones and baghouse areas eliminating carryover that can damage components. A top-loading inlet configuration allows users to get the most out of every inch. It was built with a low center of gravity to keep stability in mind as you fill up the tank and keep the work site clean. The full-opening tailgate has extra-large dump chutes that open in tandem to release excess debris. Since they’re located under the truck’s cyclones and baghouse, they can release as much dirt debris as possible. The tailgate configuration gives easy access to adjust and clean out the debris tank any time you need, and a full-bearing body lift hinge gives you complete control over your truck. 888-442-7829;

Guzzler Liquid Ring (LR)

The Guzzler Liquid Ring (LR) is a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum truck that is designed to handle both solids and liquids. With its high vacuum power and four-stage filtration system, it stands out when it comes to uptime and productivity. Its quiet and virtually maintenance-free Liquid Ring Pump operates at a noise level of 10-12 dBA, making it quieter than typical industrial vacuum loaders and ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments. It is equipped with advanced safety features such as a tailgate safety pin, backup alarm and alarms for low and high-water levels, ensuring safe operation at all times. It is not only easy to operate but also easy to maintain. Its intuitive and simple controls make it user-friendly, while its original single-mode system simplifies operation for maximum productivity on tough jobs. 815-672-3171;

Imperial Industries’ Freightliner 108SD

Imperial Industries’ Freightliner 108SD includes a fully remote-controlled vacuum system. It comes with a 4,200-gallon painted aluminum tank with a National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 4310 blower (940 cfm). Functionality includes full control of the tank’s PTO and pneumatic valves, providing the ability to switch between vacuum, neutral and pressure modes without leaving a septic tank access point. The bottom third of the tank is double-plated, and the tank is painted black with a diamond plate chip guard, full-flanged and dished heads for baffles, a hot shift PTO, one 4-inch vacuum inlet with lever valve, one 6-inch discharge with piston valve with a handle, three 5-inch sight glasses on the rear tank head, full-length aluminum hose trays, a SeeLevel indicator, a 24-by-24-by-24-inch aluminum toolbox, U.S. Department of Transportation LED light package, two rear LED work lights and an adjustable stainless steel rear bumper. 800-558-2945;

Super Products Mud Dog 700

Mud Dog 700 vacuum excavators from Super Products are designed to meet the challenges of compact, urban projects as well as large-scale excavation projects. The unit features a 7-yard debris body and 600-gallon water tank. This model comes standard as a dump body with an electric vibrator offering a 50-degree dump angle with the capability of dumping into a 48-inch container. Additionally, it is equipped with a rear-mounted, extendable, 8-inch-diameter boom that reaches 18 feet, has 270-degree rotation and pivots 10 degrees downward to minimize job site restoration and eliminate traffic congestion near roads. 800-837-9711;

Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV65

The Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV65 is a single-operator unit capable of performing all functions from a single remote control. The blower, water tank, boiler, jetter system and wands are housed in an insulated, sound-dampening enclosure with thermostat-controlled heater. It includes large, winter-friendly roll-up doors with ample storage. An onboard air compressor is available. 800-263-4508;

Vac-Con Mudslinger MS800

The Mudslinger MS800 trailer-mounted hydrovac from Vac-Con is designed to provide the same power, suction and capacity of a truck hydroexcavator on a portable trailer. It includes the choice of Tier 4 diesel or gas engine options providing up to 1,190 cfm and 16 inches Hg with a PD blower and 325 gallons of water. It has an 845-gallon debris tank and a 9-foot boom with 24 inches of hydraulic extension providing a full range of motion. It is designed to be a standalone unit but can also provide support to construction, horizontal directional drilling and public utility fleets. A variety of applications include daylighting, potholing, culvert and manhole cleaning, and utility locating. 904-284-4200;


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