Product Focus: Portable and Temporary Services

Product Focus: Portable and Temporary Services

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Kaeser Compressors MOBILAIR M255

The MOBILAIR M255 portable diesel compressor from Kaeser Compressors is ideal for heavy-duty construction, utility and demolition use and is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability on site. It delivers 900 cfm with variable pressure from 75 to 205 psi. Its heavy-duty steel chassis and fully galvanized canopy ensure long life even when subjected to the harshest conditions. Both the canopy and solid steel flooring protect the motor, airend and critical components from dirt, water and other contaminants. Rugged construction and ideal cooling allow it to operate in temperatures up to 113 degrees F. Units come standard with an easy-to-read control panel. The fuel tank has a large filler neck with overflow protection for safe, easy filling. The convenient lifting eye and adjustable-height tow hitch enable secure transport. A torsion bar suspension system and oversized tires provide superior road handling. 866-516-6888;


EcoFlow Delta Series Portable Power Stations

EcoFlow Delta Series Portable Power Stations provide flexible and reliable power solutions for big and small tasks alike when operating in off-grid and grid-compromised environments. Batteries range from 1 to 6 kWh of power storage with up to 7,200-watt output for single units, offering plenty of power for lights, power tools, network connectivity and critical devices. They can be tethered in a variety of configurations for greater power storage needs. With LFP chemistry, the power stations offer fast grid, solar, 12-volt vehicle and gas generator recharging capabilities for thousands of power cycles. 800-368-8604;

Lion Energy Safari Portable Solar Generator

The Safari Portable Solar Generator from Lion Energy offers a 3,000-watt capacity, handling anything that would normally plug into a wall outlet. Tap into the sun’s energy to keep devices and appliances running smoothly, ensuring worry-free power wherever you are. It’s safe, silent and renewable. Its compact size ensures convenient storage and transport. With 3,000 watts, it energizes everything from communication devices to household essentials. It has a simple interface for stress-free use with multiple outputs. Crafted for emergencies and outdoor adventures, its durable construction can be counted on in harsh conditions. 385-375-8191;

Holding Tanks

PolyJohn Enterprises holding tank

PolyJohn Enterprises holding tanks are suitable for collecting waste from portable restrooms and may be a necessity for long-term restroom placements where indoor plumbing is not an option. Made from durable plastic, the design is functional and discreet. It’s also compatible with other PolyJohn restrooms and sinks, and it can be easily configured with most types of plumbing, according to the manufacturer. It can be used for outdoor work sites or special events to complete a portable restroom area. Tanks are available in 250- and 300-gallon capacities. 800-292-1305;

T.S.F. Company Freshwater Supply

The lightweight, polyethylene 100-gallon Freshwater Supply from T.S.F. Company is 69 inches high and 24 inches in diameter, and allows users to see water level through the semi-transparent shell. It can be used for any job site or event where nonfiltered, nonpotable freshwater is needed. It can be placed in a field office or service trailer, and comes with two 3/4-inch spin welds to connect tanks together for added water capacity. 800-843-9286;


Disc-O-Bed XL

Through its disc system, the Disc-O-Bed XL is the sleep solution that is engineered for the extreme demands of emergency relief worldwide. Its modular design means cots ship virtually flat in the included carry bags to maximize shipping volumes. The small footprint ensures maximum shelter space, allowing users to help more people in need. It is a versatile option that can be used as a bunk, two single cots or as a sitting bench. With a weight tolerance of 500 pounds per single cot, it cradles the body and provides firm support, making it strong and comfortable. Its user-friendly design features a simple, no-tool assembly. It is also a hygienic choice as the sleeping deck is water-, mildew- and stain-resistant. The mat can also be removed and cleaned. Alternate mat options are available. The modular design increases the life-span of the cot by allowing the replacement of individual parts. 770-295-2292;

Foldum houses

Foldum houses are a solution to the challenges of disaster relief worker housing. Designed for efficiency, these foldable units can be stacked, accommodating 10 units on a single truck. Each unit can comfortably sleep up to eight people thanks to the flat-packed Surebunk system. With just two trucks, sleeping arrangements are available for up to 80 individuals, ensuring a swift response to the immediate housing needs in disaster-stricken areas. These insulated units come equipped with air conditioning, offering a comfortable and climate-controlled environment. The steel construction not only ensures durability and resistance to the elements but also makes them easy to clean, maintaining hygienic conditions for relief workers. Additionally, each unit seamlessly integrates with solar, generator or grid power sources. 442-599-6762;

Stout Tent 5M Pro Tent

Stout Tent’s 5M Pro Tent portable shelter provides a reliable refuge in challenging environments. Crafted from premium weather-resistant materials, it ensures resilience against the elements. The sturdy canvas is built to withstand harsh conditions, making it a suitable choice for disaster-stricken areas. It is designed for swift setup, allowing response teams to establish a secure base rapidly. Its assembly system ensures efficiency without compromising on stability. Relief workers can easily set up a tent in about 15 minutes. With a generous 5-meter diameter, this tent offers ample space for disaster response purposes. Whether used as a temporary command center, shelter or storage space, the interior layout is flexible to accommodate diverse needs. It can be customized to include partitioned sections for offices, storage or sanitation facilities. It provides a secure and dependable shelter for disaster response teams, ensuring they have a stable base of operations during critical times. 602-845-0609;

Rapid Deployable Systems shelters

Rapid Deployable Systems (formerly Eureka!) specializes in shelter system solutions for disaster relief efforts. Their team consults on the best tent system (or mixture of tent types and sizes) to meet the immediate need. The products offer tactically superior designs that range from one-person shelters to larger, rapid deployment tents used to shelter thousands of people during large-scale disasters. They feature a truss-style frame system that is stronger and more durable than standard scissor-style frames. Additionally, the tents come in one package without any loose parts, which prevents component loss and results in user-friendly installation. The tents are equipped with climate control, lighting and flooring. They can be used for training, MWR, accommodation, dining and TOC facilities. Systems are available in nine sizes, ranging from 100 up to 720 square feet and can be mission ready in under 12 minutes. 800-235-2607; 


J&J Portable Sanitation Products J-Light

J&J Portable Sanitation Products offers two solar-powered motion-sensor lights designed for portable restrooms. J-Light 45 offers five cool-white LEDs emitting 45 lumens with a 3.2-volt, 600-mAh rechargeable battery. J-Light 65 has 10 cool-white LEDs emitting 65 lumens with a 3.2-volt, 1,200-mAh rechargeable battery. They are easy to install and fitted with a motion sensor to activate the light and day/night sensor so they will not activate in daylight. They switch off after 45 seconds of inactivity. J-Light 45 requires a 1.5-inch hole, while J-Light 65 requires a 2-inch hole. 800-345-3303;

Milwaukee Tool REDLITHIUM USB Hard Hat Headlamp

Milwaukee Tool’s REDLITHIUM USB Hard Hat Headlamp delivers up to 600 lumens of TRUEVIEW high-definition output, with hybrid, spot and flood modes. Powered by a REDLITHIUM USB battery, the headlamp stays brighter for longer, delivers 2X faster charge time, and includes one battery for multiple solutions, keeping contractors efficient during power outages, disaster cleanup and recovery efforts. The lightweight, compact design features 180 degrees of mobility, allowing contractors to optimize the position of the light or easily detach from the bracket to help get light into hard-to-reach places. The headlamp includes four hard hat clips and features a rubber grip for secure attachment on a hard hat. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance and designed to survive impacts from up to 6 feet, this headlamp survives harsh conditions while waiting for power to be restored. Milwaukee Rechargeable personal lights are designed to adapt, perform, and survive the daily demands of professional use. 800-729-3878;


JAG Mobile Solutions Guardian 

The Guardian family of command centers from JAG Mobile Solutions is the solution to a variety of administrative and management needs during disasters, special events and temporary meeting situations. The climate-controlled units offer applications for communications, security and lodging in a variety of temporary locations. With cabin lengths ranging from 15 to 40 feet and interior widths from 96 (no slides) to 120 inches (with slides) the centers provide brick-and-mortar accommodations in a temporary setting for utility companies, management groups, government officials and first responders. Units have a variety of functionalities including cellular or dish-driven communications and surveillance cameras on board. Additionally, lodging for one to 10 people can be integrated into design floorplans to provide sleeping and hygiene through sleeping spaces, showers and toilets. 800-815-2557;

Satellite Suites 30-foot Multi-Purpose Command Center 

The Satellite Suites 30-foot Multi-Purpose Command Center is designed to be the base of operations for any busy camp or work site. The mobile workstation features a roomy 13-foot slide-out that contains five private work areas with charging and connectivity, sleeping for up to five, a full bathroom with a large shower, refrigerator and microwave, couch and a 50-inch TV/monitor. It is an all-in-one solution for businesses that require a flexible and mobile workspace. It offers a safe and comfortable place for a crew to work, sleep, eat and relax, regardless of where the site is located. It means you no longer have to struggle to find a hotel for your crew in remote locations like camps, outdoor concerts, oil fields or film sites. This practical solution is ideal for companies seeking efficiency and security, especially for natural disaster clean-up efforts and construction sites. 800-883-1123;


Walex Porta-Pak Max

Porta-Pak Max portion-control holding tank deodorizer from Walex contains 50% more color, 50% more odor control and double the fragrance of the original Porta-Pak. It is a suitable drop-in packet for units in high-traffic locations or hot climates. Its use can limit odor-causing bacteria from thriving in warm, moist environments, like a portable restroom holding tank sitting in the summer sun. 800-338-3155; 


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