Case Studies: Portable and Temporary Services

Case Studies: Portable and Temporary Services

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Solar-hybrid solution replaces fuel generators

Problem:  A large construction company, with more than $6 billion in international building projects, often has its crews arrive at project sites long before the electricity grid, so procuring reliable, remote power is a constant consideration. The company typically powers its construction site buildings using diesel generators, but generators require frequent maintenance and are prone to breakdowns. This can lead to costly power outages and unscheduled downtime. Recently, while working on site at a manufacturing plant in Texas, the company sought a cleaner, more reliable power alternative.

Solution: The EWX Power Solutions Power Module is a portable solar-hybrid power solution capable of generating 80 kW of continuous power. It combines clean, reliable solar power with a backup generator to ensure uninterrupted off-grid power, minimize downtime and reduce fuel costs. Panels capture renewable solar power that is then stored within a bank of batteries. In poor weather conditions, the backup generator can charge the batteries or fully support the load to guarantee redundancy. The module’s rugged 8-by-20-foot container can be readily transported and installed anywhere. 

Result: Since switching, EWX’s Power Module has delivered 550kW monthly, easily replacing the fuel generators the company had previously used. With solar as its primary power source, the module’s backup generator ran less than six hours a day, so the company saw a 42% reduction in fuel costs and avoided 4,500 kg of carbon monoxide emissions. Best of all, the company experienced zero downtime. 800-339-4352;


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