Product Spotlight: A Smaller Solution to Heavy Moving

Product Spotlight: A Smaller Solution to Heavy Moving

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Storm cleanups usually create situations where electrical transformers and other heavy components need to be replaced or moved, and some of those could be in hard-to-reach areas that big trucks can’t get to. 

Movex Innovation has a solution with its Cross-Country Utility All-Terrain Carrier. This transporter is built for efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability, offering a compact, electric and remote-controlled solution for linemen.

With an all-electric design, it produces zero emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice for electric utilities. This not only aligns with the global push towards greener technologies, but also ensures a cleaner and safer working environment for linemen. The incorporation of electric power also contributes to a quieter operation, minimizing noise pollution in both urban and rural settings.

The compact design carrier is a game-changer in accessing hard-to-reach areas. With a width of just 30 inches, it can navigate through backyards and confined spaces effortlessly, where larger trucks may struggle to reach which proves to be crucial during storm cleanups.

“Instead of two guys trying to drag or carry that transformer in the backyard and running back for tools in the truck, this is an all-inclusive solution,” says Francois Jean, business development director for Movex Innovation. “It makes them more efficient and it makes their job safer.”

The carrier has a load capacity of 1,800 pounds on a flat surface or 1,600 pounds at 40 degrees. It also has an integrated inverter so contractors can use electric tools at remote job sites.

“It’s very quiet when it’s in operation,” Jean says. “That’s nice for the lineman and the customers.”

The remote-controlled functionality adds another layer of convenience and safety. Linemen can control the carrier from a distance, ensuring precise maneuvers without putting themselves in potentially hazardous situations. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also prioritizes the safety of the personnel involved.

The Movex carrier also serves as a pole-mounted transformer installation device. Its versatility extends to various terrains, making it an all-terrain solution for the diverse landscapes encountered during storm cleanups. Superior ground clearance enables smooth navigation on uneven, soft and slippery surfaces, including snow, mud, mountains, gravel, hay, sand, soft ground and forests.

According to Jean, the carrier fills a critical gap in the current maintenance operations of electrical utilities. It streamlines the process of transporting and installing transformers, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency. 866-533-0376;


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