Product Focus: Water & Wastewater Utility Infrastructure and Restoration

Product Focus: Water & Wastewater Utility Infrastructure and Restoration

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Hazardous Waste Equipment

Satellite Consumables Division HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 9032

HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 9032 gloves from the Satellite Consumables Division have superior needle stick protection to mitigate sharp hazards during disaster recovery cleanup efforts such as broken glass and torn metal. They are vital in safeguarding workers from potential injuries when handling sharp objects. The gloves are engineered to provide the highest puncture resistance, ANSI/ISEA cut level A9 and level 5 needlestick protection, which offers a reliable barrier against unpredictable dangers in disaster cleanup environments. The SuperFabric material and 15-gauge polyester shell provide puncture and abrasion resistance. These gloves have seamless construction for dexterity and breathability, with knit wrists to help prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove. Additionally, they are available in hi-vis to provide enhanced protection in low light conditions, allowing workers to safely navigate through debris-laden areas with confidence. 800-883-1123;


Kuriyama of America Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER

Corrugated Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER industrial sewer vacuum hose from Kuriyama of America is made with a 1/4-inch-thick red gum rubber tube designed for wet or dry applications where severe abrasion is a factor. The corrugated black conductive styrene-butadiene/natural rubber blend cover provides abrasion resistance. The hose can be grounded. All sizes are rated to full vacuum and a pounds-per-square-inch safety factor of 3-to-1 for most sizes. The hose remains flexible in temperatures from -40 to 212 degrees F. It is available with soft-cuffed ends for easy installation and clamping. 847-755-0360;

Pipe - Condition Assessment

CUES QZ3 Advanced

The QZ3 Advanced HD wireless video inspection pole camera from CUES can be operated by one person using any tablet. It is designed to provide safe-viewing in industrial or environmental areas with no-man entry. Perform swift inspections and surveys of pipelines, wet wells, manholes, sewer treatment plants, steam generators, tanks, vessels and other areas that are difficult to reach. It can also be used to locate lateral services or to identify blockages at manholes, access ports or other entry points without entering the line or structure. Added features over the basic model include motorized height and tilt, in addition to laser distance measurements. It is mounted on a lightweight, telescopic carbon fiber pole that can extend up to 24 feet (an optional 34-foot pole is available). The 1080p camera features a 360-1 zoom with built-in image stabilization, automatic focus, distance-to-defect measurement, and self-contained waterproof MAP lighting. 800-327-7791;

Storage Tanks

Imperial Industries 12,500-gallon storage tank

The 12,500-gallon storage tank unit from Imperial Industries includes a 6-inch dump, 4-inch intake, heavy-duty pull skid attachment and level indicator. Available options include custom tow, hitch and axle packages, and intake agitation. It is designed for various applications, including field edge load and unloads, shop or yard storage, and grease separation. 800-558-2945;

Truck and Trailer Jetters

GapVax G7 Jetter 

The G7 Jetter from GapVax is built on a heavy-duty, contractor-grade NATM-certified trailer. Several engine choices, including Cummins diesel, are certified and sized appropriately for the water pump combinations. The unit’s hose reel is hydraulically powered with a direct-drive gearbox and variable-speed control. The hose reel offers a 3-foot (curbside) articulation from center of bearing, 180-degree rotation and a capacity of 800 feet of 3/4-inch jetter hose. The polyethylene plastic water tank is available in 300, 500, 600 or 700 gallons. The water pump is center-fed for optimum performance. The controller is interlocked with safety features that will show low fuel levels and low water, and is capable of a complete engine shutdown in an emergency. 888-442-7829;

Jetters Northwest Eagle-200/4010-DWR

The Eagle-200/4010-DWR midsize trailer jetter from Jetters Northwest produces 10 gpm, 4,000 psi performance with full wireless remote control or jetting on/off, engine on/throttle/off,\ and reel-windup functionality. It is an upgraded version of the previous 4009 model and comes with an enclosed Kawasaki 31 hp fuel-injected/liquid-cooled engine on an industrial-duty trailer with brakes for safety and a beefy A-frame tongue, allowing it to be towed when full of water. Flat-top fenders allow for additional mounting surface and standard aluminum wheels give a sharp appearance. It features a super-duty triplex UDOR USA pump, 12-volt powered hose reel with adjustable windup speed, 200-gallon water tank, large 60-inch lockable tool storage bin, 400 feet of jetting hose on the main 12-volt power reel, 100 feet of 3/4-inch water-supply hose on a second reel, adjustable pulsation-control and four jetting nozzles. Specialty root/grease nozzles and other options are available. 877-901-1936;

Trojan Worldwide TWW3000D Diesel Trailer Jet

The TWW3000D Diesel Trailer Jet from Trojan Worldwide comes mounted on a tandem-axle trailer with a steel diamond plate deck and braking system. The power unit consists of a diamond-plate enclosed 60 hp Perkins diesel engine with a PTO-style transmission and an AR water pump pushing 22 gpm at 3,000 psi. The rear of the unit includes a hydraulic hose reel with 500 feet of 3/4-inch hose and includes a speed control for the forward/reverse function. A 525-gallon tank supplies water that is fed from a 100-foot fill hose or the included hydrant fill application. The open trailer layout makes accessing all of the components easier and less time-consuming. 800-392-4902;

Vac-Con VJ Series

The VJ Series of jetters from Vac-Con is designed to provide operators with an economical, portable and powerful system in two configurations. The VJ375 offers a 375-gallon water capacity on a single-axle trailer. The VJ750 boasts 750-gallon water capacity on a tandem-axle trailer. Standard features include Tier 4 diesel engine, cold-weather recirculation and air purge system, hydraulically driven hose reel and a reel-mounted, weatherproof electronic control panel. Units are available in multiple water pump pressure and flow configurations. Optional features include gas engine, wireless remote and an antifreeze tank system for cold-weather use. 904-284-4200; 

Wastewater Tanks

PolyJohn holding tanks 

Holding tanks from PolyJohn are durable, sanitary receptacles used for collecting waste in portable restrooms. They are a necessity for long-term portable sites where indoor plumbing is not an option. Made from highly durable plastic, the design is functional and discreet. They are also compatible with other PolyJohn restrooms and sinks, and can be easily configured with most any type of plumbing. For outdoor work sites or special events, use the holding tank to complete any portable restroom area. They are available in 250- and 300-gallon capacities for maximum waste storage. 800-292-1305; 

Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

RNV Hydrovac2

The RNV Hydrovac2 can be placed on an RNV-approved 6-cubic-foot steel construction-grade wheelbarrow to create a portable hydrovac. It can vacuum down vertically to 12 feet to convey effluent sludge, sand and small aggregate. It can be combined with a pressure washer or air spade for another excavation solution. The unit weighs 42 pounds, requires a 120-vac, 15-amp power outlet and will run on a 2,200-watt generator or inverter. 607-786-2139;


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