Case Studies - April 2024

Case Studies - April 2024

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Lining system used to rehab storm drainage pipes

Problem: Two 36-inch dual wall corrugated pipes installed as part of the storm drainage system in a residential complex in northwest Florida were leaking at the joints. After complaints to the homeowners association about sinkholes forming, the decision was made to line the 245- and 235-foot storm pipes. The county advised the association they would be responsible for the repair of the storm lines.

Solution: Gulf Coast Underground was brought in to advise the association. A recommendation for CIPP lining had previously been provided to the residents. GCU was able to value engineer the project away from CIPP to Thermoform PVC Lining from Warrior Trenchless Solutions. Because the storm pipes ran under a roadway and residential drives, the liner was required to be fully structural. Brute liner with a 0.40 wall was selected for the project. 

Result: Total project costs to the association were reduced significantly, and the liner eliminated the environmental impact generally associated with other lining methods. The change in lining technologies allowed the project timetable to be expedited, which proved to be invaluable due to time lost to heavy rains during the week. The project was completed successfully and on time, eliminating the leaking joints and sinkholes. 716-601-7760;


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