Downed Tree, Live Wire: What Contractors Need to Know

A quick reminder when approaching trees near or on power lines

Downed Tree, Live Wire: What Contractors Need to Know

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As a contractor, following safety procedures is part of your job. When encountering a downed tree tangled with a power line, the situation demands extreme caution. Here's what you should do:

Stop and Assess: Never approach a downed line, regardless of whether it appears sparking or not. Treat all downed lines as energized and potentially deadly.

Evacuate the Area: Ensure everyone, including yourself and bystanders, maintains a safe distance from the downed tree and power line. A good rule of thumb is to stay at least 60 feet away.exclamation

Contact Utility Company: The priority is to have the power line de-energized by a qualified professional.  Locate the contact information for your local utility company and report the situation immediately.

Secure the Scene: If possible, use caution tape or cones to cordon off the area and prevent anyone from approaching the downed line.

Document Everything: Once the area is secured and the utility company is on the way, take pictures and videos of the scene. This will be helpful for any insurance claims or reports.

Remember: Your safety and the safety of others is the top priority. By following these steps, you can avoid a potentially life-threatening situation and ensure a safe work environment.


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