Tell Us About Your Disaster Recovery Work

DCR wants to share the work you do with its readers, so please reach out

Tell Us About Your Disaster Recovery Work

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We are in the fourth month of DCR’s print existence and online presence, but as the editor, I am a few months ahead. In the publishing world, we line up stories and content many weeks in advance of the scheduled release so the articles have time to go through multiple stages or proofing, editing and production layout before being sent to the printer.

The recovery industry has been good to me so far, and I have a lineup of incredible people and businesses scheduled for the pages throughout the remaining months of the year. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from generous professionals that were willing to share their story and I’m anxious to gain even more insight going forward.

That’s where you come in; there are still several columns to fill for the upcoming issues.

Here’s how you can help us and your business — reach out to me and tell me what you do. We are looking for people in the industry to share recovery missions that stood out to them. Whether it was extremely challenging, fulfilling or otherwise unique, DCR wants to hear it.

We also want to know about business breakthroughs, trends and changes you’re seeing in the industry and lessons you’ve learned through experience in your career.

Please email with suggestions for the pub, or if you’re interested in being featured. I look forward to hearing from you!


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